Maintenance & Support

Maintenance Services Comprehensive services ensure successful deployment & peace of mind

Maintenance and Support Services

There are a few critical factors contribute to the success of LegalPac. Apart from the state-of-the-art software system, the associated implementation, on-going maintenance and system enhancements are the complete service coverage that always makes our customers peace of mind.

As we understand computerised system is critical to our customers’ operations, we strive to make LegalPac meeting our customers’ needs and provide necessary support whenever our customers need us. In order to meet high quality of deliverables and support services:

  • We have experienced and knowledgeable personnel that has serviced the industry for many years to support our customers
  • We ensure every installation is backed by sufficient warranty period for smooth transition, hand-holding and cutover to new computerised system
  • We have devised competitive maintenance and other related services that allow our customers to run their operations with the support of best resources, optimum productivity and more importantly predictable maintenance cost upon the expiry of warranty period

Subject to our customers’ needs, the followings are the services offered by us:

  • Warranty support A fixed period of support services upon LegalPac installation
  • Annual maintenance Annual maintenance covers a series support services such as onsite or remote services, system updates and installation, defects fixing, system and database audit services for the smooth running of LegalPac
  • Onsite support Deployment of support personnel to customer’s location especially during critical issue resolution
  • Remote support In the absence of onsite support, remote support services will be conducted via remote dial-in or Internet medium to facilitate diagnosis
  • Access to knowledge personnelLegalPac’s customers are able to access to our support personnel for discussion and problem resolution from time to time
  • Software updatesWe may apply some fixes due to defects detected (if applicable) and/or updates from time to time to enhance the smooth running of the overall computerised system
  • Software defects fixingLegalPac has been proven to be a very stable software system in the industry. However, any software may subject to certain degree of defects cause by the programming and the change of software environment. Upon report from LegalPac’s customer, we will remedy the defects to their satisfaction
  • Data conversion
    Should legal firms decide to switch from other software systems to LegalPac, we can perform such services at their request and upon careful study of the existing data so that historical data can be transitioned to the new system accurately
  • Database and system audit We will carry out study, analysis and remedy the system and/or database if any errors are spotted during the audit. The study and analysis are effectively conducted with the assistance of the LegalPac system utilities developed for the past 30 years