Online Billing

legal practice & accounting software - online billing legal practice & accounting software - online billing

  • Use of pre-defined charge codes on standard texts to eliminate the need to repeat keying of such texts on every bill
  • Use of disbursement codes to produce breakdown of disbursement incomes
  • Preparation of professional bills with free text format, allowing insertion of any form of description on multiple pages
  • Draft bill and final bill functions. Draft bill allows solicitor to review and apply changes online prior to final bill delivery
  • Automatically retrieves unbilled disbursements, time entries and other cost recoveries from the clients and office account ledger for accurate billing
  • Disbursement mark-up and waiver options
  • Scale cost calculator is incorporated in conveyancing bill to instantly compute the scale cost chargeable and the corresponding stamp fees based on the transaction price of the property
  • Flexible printing and re-printing of bills where disbursements may be printed in detailed, summarised by type of disbursements or simply as a lump sum total
  • Automatic clearing of the disbursement accounts upon billing, background journal postings are transparent to the user
  • Some of the useful queries/reports:
    • Unbilled disbursement query
    • Unbilled time cost query
    • Billing analysis report