Case Management

legal practice & accounting software - case management legal practice & accounting software - case management

  • User-defined monitoring procedures associated with each matter defined as “Case Type”
  • Each case file is associated with a case type and individually monitored
  • Multi-user operation to allow individual solicitor or secretary to update the status of case files under their charge via their own workstation in the network
  • Able to update case status, time-cost records, appointment dates etc. online. Tracking of user defined dates such as appointment/court dates, optional dates, caveat expiry / trademark expiry dates is effortless
  • Alerts and look-ahead features to report cases due for attention in a future date
  • Some of the useful queries/reports:
    • Query/Report on cases due for attention
    • Exception reporting on cases not being attended to for a user-specified period
    • Query/Report on Detailed/summarised case statistics
    • Performance report for solicitors and secretary