Office Ledger

legal practice & accounting software - office ledger legal practice & accounting software

  • Systematically and accurately manage firm’s disbursements and receipts for clients and trust accounts
  • Online preparation of office receipts to record advances, retainers and/or payments from the client. Automatic printing on pre-printed receipt forms
  • Online preparation of office payment vouchers for disbursement and expense items, with fund availability checks, option to print on plain or pre-printed Payment Vouchers forms. Monitors disbursements paid for subsequent billing
  • Online preparation of office credit notes for refund due to client excess payments. Automatic printing on pre-printed credit note forms
  • Pre-defined case indexing provides instant access of files information
  • Cater for both online and batch posting
  • Linked to the Receivable Ledger
  • Integrated to General Ledger
  • Some of the useful queries/reports:
    • Exception report on accounts with excessive unbilled disbursements
    • Ageing of disbursement by month, year