Time Management

legal practice & accounting software - time management legal practice & accounting software - time management

  • Records time spent for each job
  • Many modes of time-cost recording, i.e. via a batched time sheet, online entry or use of online time clocking facility with stop-watch functions
  • Hourly or flat fee time entry, billable and non-billable options
  • Relates each file to partner, solicitor, secretary, department, type of operation etc.
  • Hourly rate maintained for each staff. Multiple time cost rates can be defined for different types of work done
  • Some of the useful queries/reports:
    • Cost center analysis report – showing margin for each fee billed and posted against time costs
    • Work-In-Progress listing – showing time cost, disbursement cost and amount billed to-date for each client
    • Work sheet summary – show unbilled time cost details and summary for billing
    • Time cost summary – showing detailed breakdown of time and disbursements charged against each job on daily, weekly monthly and yearly basis
    • Budget comparison – Comparing the budgeted output of staff against the actual time charged to client for the current week, current month and year-to-date