LegalPac & the Accounts

Integrated & Distributed Legal Office

  • Pre-set or user defined Chart of Account is made easy for computerised system
  • Address unique industry compliance, i.e. trust accounting. Records and safeguard client’s fund placed under legal firm’s trust
  • Eliminates manual posting for Payment Vouchers, Receipts, Bills, Credit Notes and Non-Cash transactions
  • Eliminates possible human error or unbilled transactions, i.e. disbursements, time cost and other cost recoveries with the automation of disbursement billing
  • Ease of management in areas such as fixed deposits, stakeholders, client account balances, bank balance distribution and control
  • Cater for both online and batch posting according to the legal firm’s needs
  • Easy bank reconciliations to avoid any discrepancies and unauthorised withdrawals.
  • Accounting information, whether it is by file or by client, is available online and real-time, up to the very minute
  • Comprehensive analysis on firm’s performance with the assistance of meaningful financial and operational reports
  • Efficient accounts managementadhoc exceptions reports and a host of operational reports such as Ageing List, Statement of Accounts, Time Cost Analysis etc.
  • Efficient control of finance of the firm with timely production of financial reports, such as Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Statement, Cash Flow Statement and comparison reports