Client Ledger

legal practice & accounting software - client ledger legal practice & accounting software - client ledger

  • Conform to unique industry requirements, i.e. trust accounting
  • Maintains for each case account the client’s balance, amount held as stakeholders and amounts placed in multiple fixed deposit accounts
  • Online preparation of client’s Receipts with automatic printing on pre-printed receipt forms
  • Online preparation of client’s Payment Vouchers with fund availability checks, option to print on plain or pre-printed payment voucher forms
  • Automatic fund transfer of amounts due to the office account
  • Prevent overdraws on client trust accounts
  • Pre-defined case file indexing via any of the keys assigned to each of the case
  • Automatic case account number assignment with check-digit control
  • Powerful search, extended to deactivated files held in the history database
  • Some of the useful queries/reports:
    • Online query on client account allows full visibility of case details, billings, trust accounts and histories
    • Fixed deposit account maturity
    • Client balance summary
    • Exception report on accounts in excess of specific amount (S$5,000.00 for Singapore)
    • Exception report on overdrawn client’s account
    • Monthly Statement of Accounts in open item format
    • Ad hoc case position reporting