LegalPac & the Solicitors

Integrated & Distributed Legal Office

  • Easy access to centralised case file information on client office account, case status, time costs and/or trademark applications instead of bulky manual files
  • Real-time conflict searches allow solicitors to locate case files, clients or related parties information instantly to minimise risks of engagement and maximise business opportunities
  • Able to update case status, time-cost records, appointment dates etc. online. Tracking of user defined dates such as appointment/court dates, optional dates, caveat expiry / trademark expiry dates is effortless
  • Online Payment Voucher authorisation enables solicitors to authorise their payment vouchers in paperless environment and at the same time speed up approval process
  • Many modes of time-cost recording, i.e. via a batched time sheet, online entry while working on a case file, or use of online time clocking facility with stop-watch functions so that time-cost entries are accurately recorded for billing
  • Proactive reminder/prompting at logon to alert solicitors of appointment dates that fall due. Any outstanding Payment Vouchers yet to be authorised will also pop up for solicitor’s action.
  • Able to perform time cost activities query on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis