Importance of Valid Maintenance

Valid LegalPac Maintenance Comprehensive services

  • Unlimited support casesAccess to knowledge staff for any issue diagnosis, problem solving and workarounds whenever needed
  • Take advantage on the on-going updatesWe develop updates from time to time to promote smooth running of the computerised system. LegalPac’s customers under maintenance contract will continue to receive such updates
  • Priority supportLegalPac’s customers with annual maintenance will always enjoy prioritised support services whenever they need us
  • Minimum downtimeUpdated and properly maintained computerised system ensure smooth running and mitigate the risk of down time
  • Predictable cost of maintenanceCost for system and data recovery may overweight maintenance fee. Loss of valuable data can be a disaster
  • Avoid additional cost and time for reinstatementWhen a maintenance contract expires, the customer may require additional services such as system and data audit to ensure the health of the system before any service reinstatement